11 Mei 2009


The show must go on.. with new team and new rules.
so darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
may be they'll leave u alone, but not me

08 April 2009

Bussy like Bee!!!

The days come quickly and we didn't notice that the number on the calendar is rolling so fast. We are facing the deadline on some schedules. The first schedule is finishing our 24 minutes movie, "Petruk Jadi Raja". We also work on the other plan of participating on PPI event (Indonesian Product Week Event), and we will send some movies. From the first grade and the second one. This would be the first time for the first grade students to participate on an event, and they really feel the enthusiasm of the competition. The second grade student (which still working on PSG) are giving their best to keep their movie as the pioneer. And as the teacher, we support them all no mater what. Giving all that we can give to them. Preparing their needs to face this competition, and try to make our own movies!!!(since we get too busy all the time, I doubt we could make it through, but still we try to do our best >.<;)... All this schedule must be done this month!!!!!
just keep running ... just keep running ... just keep running ...

24 Maret 2009

Failure can't stop us!

After being defeated on Students Skill Competition at Kediri couple weeks ago, we are now fighting back! We dont't want to get blue for too long after the failure. So, we take our spirit back, put all the upset and sadness away, and we go back on our own track. Manifesting our goals and dreams on animation.

The Competition of Animation and Game Tech 2009 at Jogjakarta had moved our spirit of competition back. So, we were planning to participate on that competition. We made one new film, and sent some of the old ones. We believed that our spirit can deliver us to attain the victory back on our lap, for sure.

Finally, we got there. We were going on the rough path, since we had to go there by our own money and we almost lack of energy for making the film in the last minutes of departure. When nature seems unfriendly to us, we almost lose our faith. But we just kept walking forward and raech our destination no matter what.

The competition hold on March 24th 2009. We were waiting for the result to be announced in the afternoon. And we were surprised by the result which said that we were on the first place to take the prize!Our film "Tidak hanya Membuang Sampah" became the winner in this competition. There is nothing waste we've done on time and energy for our goal is to be the best of all.

We are republikans, ustoppable by anything!!!Viva Republik Animasi!!!

19 Februari 2009

The Fourth Movie Project: Long Way to Perfection

The students have been working hard within these two long weeks. They should make the 5 minutes movie, using their own character, but referring to the real animation movies. They can take any kind of animation movie. So, they decided to use disney animation movies as their refference. At first, they are limited by one week project deadline, but when the time comes, they couldn't make it. So, we lengthen the time into two weeks, and we will hold the fifth movie screening on Saturday 21st of February 2009.
Let them work on this hard week, and let's wait for the result on the 5th movie screening later. Keep on fighting guys!!!!!\^O^/

Individual Skill Improvement

We've been burden by the think of how making these students improving themselves. And after lots of brain storming with all the crew, we came to the new thinking: the method to unconsciously force the student to improve their own skill. The problem is, sometimes the students seem to have nothing special within them, but we realized that they do have something! We only didn't see it on the first place. And finally, we make this risky step. We take some of the "nothing special" students and mixed them with the "trouble maker" students, and put them in one department called "Research and Development" Department. This department is created to see how the "nothing special" and "trouble maker" can resonate well to survive their own idealism and personality, and how they affect on each other.

The result is really surprising! The "nothing special" can come to the level of "having something special", and the "trouble maker" (not all of them) are moving toward "less trouble" with some special treatments. There are some "trouble maker" who still insist on their first place, but some of them show individual improvement. And we conclude that by taking the "nothing special" and "trouble maker" from the big crowd, we can make them grow their potentials into the higher level. Not only the skill, but also the way of thinking, organizing, team working, and so on.

Sometimes, the potential of a student is covered up by others who have higher potential. It's our duty to take them on the right place to let them attain their highest potential, so that their life would be meaningfull.

New Place

It's been a long time since we've continously written our story in this blog. Sometimes lately, we've been bussy on moving to the new place. We were arranged to dwell in a new place, somewhere uptown. This new building is not like our place before. It's big, quiet, and really feels like a real office. ^_^; And this building is called Teaching Factory.

Here is where we will build our dreams, not actually build, but continue to manifest it. The Republikans are walking towards the future of our dream. We are holding hands, make this place a real cozy place to work, not only for us, but also for all the visitors. They can see how we work, every step of it. They can also see the product we've produced all this time. Movie, merchandise, and so forth.

The Republikans were splitted into four studios: blue, red, yellow, and black. The black studio is producing the movie we've got from a client's order. So, they must do this work at school, because they need lots of attention and dirrection from the supervisors. The rest are working at teaching factory. We also create "Research and Development Department" consist of some members from all studios to help them doing research on creating, producing, marketing product,and so on. This R and D Department also has a resposiblity to measure their own member's work performance and think how to improve it.

So far, we've done things that we think it is necessary for the development and improvement of our students (or to be precisely, workers). And we still move the wheel forward, so that we can make another new better things. Well, wo knows where this animation things can bring us to???? \^o^/

24 Januari 2009

Overtime at semester's holidays!!!

it's been very exhausted week for us, republikans.

we have to finish 3, each 3 minutes animated movies and 1 animated project (short movies all of it!). And, from three studios we have to split it up to 4 studios. lack of time, lack of member we have to struggle! last, this week should be our republikans holidays!!! oh, my god.....

well,we have an exhibition at smkn 10 malang at january 26th and the minister of education will be there! this will be one of the best of our showcase ever! since two months ago, our movies (we talk about quality here...) gets better and better :))

about the projects are...well, we can say that we make (still going) new movie from kapten ongis, recycle boy, gogo-koto, and one secret movie...but, after jan 26th we'll show it in our gallery. but we assure you all our blog readers! this will be our best ( since two months ago :)) !!