14 Januari 2009

Together We Can!!!!

There is something interesting about working in a team. We are faced to the different kinds of people with their own character. We can't choose with whom we want to work, but we can always cooperate with all the people, the condition, and ourself. There is nothing personal in a teamwork, so we don't need to take everything personally. We need other people to gain the goal for sure, but it is important to manage the way we work with them too.
The republikans are now in a very tense situation. We are chased by deadline, and our crew don't cope well enough. But that's ok, for all the leads and supervisor's assistants are helping each other to make this project goes well all the way. We are not see ourself as blue, red, or yellow ... but we are the leaders of all crews who have the chance to change the world. We believe that together we can do it. So we walk side by side and hold hands, toward Saturday!!! There are two days left, today and tomorrow. Well, guys... wish us all the best to get our stars!

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