22 Januari 2009

Camping Merdeka 2#

Last week, we went to coban glothak (again) with 30 republikans. We tried to take a rest from our dense activities within a week. (What a tiring week we've got)! Unfortunately, Mr. Anjang couldn't make it to coban glothak, since he had something to do on his house. But Mrs. Dewi, our Indonesia Language teacher were happily accompanied us there.
The republikans were expecting good weather and comfortable thing out there, but unfortunately we were out of luck. The area we've been preparing for the camping was taken by other group of students. So we had to open the new area to make our campsite. We were glad that Mr Aji was pretty handy on this kind of boyscout things ^_^; And finally, we made it!
Camping Merdeka 2# gave us lots of things:
- Learn about team working
- Learn about respecting others
- Learn about humanity
- Learn about love
- Learn about caring of each other
- Learn about LIFE
We can never expect to learn only at school, but we can always learn from our surrounding environment at anytime. And sometimes, the most valuable lesson comes from within ourselves. That's for sure...
Keep the spirit Republikans!!!!!!!
We can Make it!!!!!

2 komentar:

  1. Pengen ikut.... Pengen ikut.... PENGEN IKUUUUTTT!!! HUWAAAAAAA!!!! *disambit*

    Btw, kelas 1 bakal ada nggak, yah? Ato jangan2, harus jadi murid kelas 2 dulu, yah??? Hmmmm.....

  2. Tenang saja, nanti kelas satu juga bakalan ada kegiatan camping merdeka. Tunggu saja tanggal mainnya ... MERDEKA!!!!