24 Januari 2009

Overtime at semester's holidays!!!

it's been very exhausted week for us, republikans.

we have to finish 3, each 3 minutes animated movies and 1 animated project (short movies all of it!). And, from three studios we have to split it up to 4 studios. lack of time, lack of member we have to struggle! last, this week should be our republikans holidays!!! oh, my god.....

well,we have an exhibition at smkn 10 malang at january 26th and the minister of education will be there! this will be one of the best of our showcase ever! since two months ago, our movies (we talk about quality here...) gets better and better :))

about the projects are...well, we can say that we make (still going) new movie from kapten ongis, recycle boy, gogo-koto, and one secret movie...but, after jan 26th we'll show it in our gallery. but we assure you all our blog readers! this will be our best ( since two months ago :)) !!

3 komentar:

  1. cool...!
    is that true?
    well, keep fight guys!

  2. Kaya'nya.... pegel, tuch.

    Yaaaah.... pokoknyaaaaa.... Keep fight buat anak animasiiii!!!! *padahal sendirinya tepar sebelum berperang =="

  3. yosh!!!

    stelah 1 mgg meninggalkan dunia persilatan....

    saatnya untuk bangkit...

    menghadapi pertempuran baru...

    dgn SOP dan KKKC ( Kerja Keras Kerja Cerdas )


    tak sabar kunanti next project....