19 Februari 2009

New Place

It's been a long time since we've continously written our story in this blog. Sometimes lately, we've been bussy on moving to the new place. We were arranged to dwell in a new place, somewhere uptown. This new building is not like our place before. It's big, quiet, and really feels like a real office. ^_^; And this building is called Teaching Factory.

Here is where we will build our dreams, not actually build, but continue to manifest it. The Republikans are walking towards the future of our dream. We are holding hands, make this place a real cozy place to work, not only for us, but also for all the visitors. They can see how we work, every step of it. They can also see the product we've produced all this time. Movie, merchandise, and so forth.

The Republikans were splitted into four studios: blue, red, yellow, and black. The black studio is producing the movie we've got from a client's order. So, they must do this work at school, because they need lots of attention and dirrection from the supervisors. The rest are working at teaching factory. We also create "Research and Development Department" consist of some members from all studios to help them doing research on creating, producing, marketing product,and so on. This R and D Department also has a resposiblity to measure their own member's work performance and think how to improve it.

So far, we've done things that we think it is necessary for the development and improvement of our students (or to be precisely, workers). And we still move the wheel forward, so that we can make another new better things. Well, wo knows where this animation things can bring us to???? \^o^/

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