19 Februari 2009

The Fourth Movie Project: Long Way to Perfection

The students have been working hard within these two long weeks. They should make the 5 minutes movie, using their own character, but referring to the real animation movies. They can take any kind of animation movie. So, they decided to use disney animation movies as their refference. At first, they are limited by one week project deadline, but when the time comes, they couldn't make it. So, we lengthen the time into two weeks, and we will hold the fifth movie screening on Saturday 21st of February 2009.
Let them work on this hard week, and let's wait for the result on the 5th movie screening later. Keep on fighting guys!!!!!\^O^/

1 komentar:

  1. Permisiii... ini posting soal pekerjaannya kls 1 itukah? Atau tentang kakak kelas 2? Emang para kakak2 juga bikin film 5 menit, yah?