19 Februari 2009

Individual Skill Improvement

We've been burden by the think of how making these students improving themselves. And after lots of brain storming with all the crew, we came to the new thinking: the method to unconsciously force the student to improve their own skill. The problem is, sometimes the students seem to have nothing special within them, but we realized that they do have something! We only didn't see it on the first place. And finally, we make this risky step. We take some of the "nothing special" students and mixed them with the "trouble maker" students, and put them in one department called "Research and Development" Department. This department is created to see how the "nothing special" and "trouble maker" can resonate well to survive their own idealism and personality, and how they affect on each other.

The result is really surprising! The "nothing special" can come to the level of "having something special", and the "trouble maker" (not all of them) are moving toward "less trouble" with some special treatments. There are some "trouble maker" who still insist on their first place, but some of them show individual improvement. And we conclude that by taking the "nothing special" and "trouble maker" from the big crowd, we can make them grow their potentials into the higher level. Not only the skill, but also the way of thinking, organizing, team working, and so on.

Sometimes, the potential of a student is covered up by others who have higher potential. It's our duty to take them on the right place to let them attain their highest potential, so that their life would be meaningfull.

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