08 April 2009

Bussy like Bee!!!

The days come quickly and we didn't notice that the number on the calendar is rolling so fast. We are facing the deadline on some schedules. The first schedule is finishing our 24 minutes movie, "Petruk Jadi Raja". We also work on the other plan of participating on PPI event (Indonesian Product Week Event), and we will send some movies. From the first grade and the second one. This would be the first time for the first grade students to participate on an event, and they really feel the enthusiasm of the competition. The second grade student (which still working on PSG) are giving their best to keep their movie as the pioneer. And as the teacher, we support them all no mater what. Giving all that we can give to them. Preparing their needs to face this competition, and try to make our own movies!!!(since we get too busy all the time, I doubt we could make it through, but still we try to do our best >.<;)... All this schedule must be done this month!!!!!
just keep running ... just keep running ... just keep running ...

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